Type plates, barcodes, shipping labels, warning signs, color markings – these and many other items are grouped together and can be found in our labels section. In most cases, they are self-adhesive and consist either of a carrier material, an adhesive and optionally a laminate, or are punched or cut directly from special films. The choice of material for labels is usually determined by what external influences the label is likely to be exposed to.

For example – A product identification label may be made of paper, as the focus here is on printability, while a warning label on a machine for the chemical industry must be appropriately protected against chemicals. To withstand such stress, it is not uncommon for a label to consist of a thin metal backing, for instance etched, and equipped with a high-performance adhesive. Adhesive dots and other self-adhesive color markings, such as those often used in logistics, also fall into the category of labels.

It can be assumed that labels can also be found in most product-related and manufacturing fields of activity. Therefore, the field of these articles is broad and the requirements, as previously indicated, very diverse. There are labels that are manufactured according to standards and norms and, therefore, are always the same. However, most labels are tailored to an individual application. Thus, a custom-made product is often required.

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