The term “building service” covers everything that is necessary for the maintenance and protection of a property. This includes cleaning agents, cleaning accessories, anti-slip coverings, floor as well as general markings, information signs, dust binding mats and much more. So, in summary, in this category you will find everything that makes workplaces a safer environment. Whether you want to minimize the risk of accidents, comply with or enforce regulations, or keep your property in good condition, our selection of building service products has a wide range of helpful items for you to choose from.

Anti-slip coverings

Anti-slip coatings are ubiquitous. On stairs, in entrances and exits, in wet areas, in outdoor areas and everywhere else where a better floor adhesion is to be created this special type of adhesive tapes is represented. Not infrequently, contrasting colors such as yellow and white are also used to indicate a potential danger or to generate more attention, in addition to the anti-slip property. Probably the most widely used anti-slip decking is the 3M™ Safety-Walk™, which scores not only with excellent anti-slip properties but also with many important certifications. A wide selection of anti-slip coatings can of course also be found in our range of goods.

Ground marking

Especially in storage areas and logistics, floor markings are often in use. These can be placed for easier orientation or as a warning. Clear, bright colors and high durability are important here, so that the important markings are always clearly visible even under heavy loads from shoes, forklifts or the like. For this reason, tapes from the manufacturer 3M™ are often used in this area as well, due to their high quality. However, other manufacturers also have intelligent solutions available in this area, such as parking space markers, which significantly simplify many applications. Of course, you can find these and many other interesting products in our assortment.

Building maintenance

Building maintenance mainly includes cleaning agents and cleaning utensils, however, the field of industrial building services is extremely broad and can also include commercially available microfiber cloths as well as mechanical cleaning pads and, in some cases, light abrasives to remove coarse impurities. Our range of building care products also includes dust control mats, which are used, for example, in medical cleanrooms or in the manufacture of extremely fine products such as watch movements.

The field of building services is extremely diverse and individual. Depending on the industry and intended use, the need for building service items can vary greatly. That is exactly why we at AMZ have a wide selection for you in our range. And should you ever not find the right product, we will be happy to help you in the context of an individual consultation.


Building Service