3M™ Safety Walk – rough material for rough weather conditions

As is so often the case with items from the manufacturer 3M™, everyone has probably had contact with the Safety Walk product at some point. In this case, contact is to be understood literally, as the products from the Safety Walk family – as the name already suggests – are anti-slip coverings. In everyday life, these are encountered on stairs in public facilities, as well as in office buildings, at bus and train entrances and exits, or as full-surface stickers in places exposed to water or rain.


In order to be able to cover these applications as flexibly as possible, there are, in addition to the Safety Walk Universal (type 1), also the variants Verfombar (type 2), Nasszone (type 3) or also Extra Stark (type 4). Size and shape also vary greatly – depending on the area of application. For example, Safety Walk’s form factor goes from small, tape-like rolls to large log rolls to custom-cut die-cut parts.


Especially the latter are used again and again, because the classification of the Safety Walk material is not very easy due to the mineral grain, which forms the anti-slip surface, and also not implementable with every tool.



Of course, due to the wide range of applications in our range, we offer the full range of Safety Walk. From sizes to shapes and colors – in our assortment you will find what you are looking for. And if there is something you are not looking for, we are of course always happy to help with personal advice.


3M™ Safety Walk


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