Although the Term “die-cutting part” (FST) isn’t well-known, we encounter die-cutting parts almost everywhere. Most seals and dampers are made of rubber, foam or other punched, or cut materials. By definition, the latter circumstance is exactly what constitutes a die-cut part: a part that is formed into a desired shape by some type of process. The basic material and manufacturing process can be quite different.

In line with our expertise in surface joining technology, our day-to-day business mainly includes die-cut parts made from adhesive tapes, or die-cut parts equipped with transfer foils. These can be used in various ways. As previously mentioned, many of these parts are used as seals or dampers. Another large area of application for double-sided self-adhesive die-cut parts is to replace a liquid adhesive, as you want to work as cleanly as possible, or use an exact dosage of the indispensable. This field of application has continued to grow, especially in recent years as adhesive tapes have become more powerful.

However, we have also manufactured non-self-adhesive rubber (EPDM), foam or films used as electrostatic decoupling or membranes for our customers. More exotic molded parts made of hook and loop tapes (= Velcro) or the Safety-Walk™ anti-slip protection from the manufacturer 3M™ are also part of our range. The latter in particular are used in far more places than one might initially think – whether that would be at entrances and stairways, or on steps and in wet areas – it is not uncommon for shaped Safety-Walk™ to provide the necessary grip.

Of course, these are only examples and a complete listing of all applications would go beyond the scope of this article. For this reason, we are always particularly pleased to hear from you personally when you enquire about this product category, so that we can go through the various options for die-cutting together with you and find the right product. Contact us by phone at 06106 / 77960-0 or click the button below and send us your inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!


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