211301 and 211302 – PP packing tapes by AMZ

Packing is everywhere these days. The world is getting closer and logistical operations are part of the everyday life of any company that trades or handles goods. Germany’s most widely used shipping service provider alone sends out around 5 million parcels a day nationally. Demand for cardboard boxes and packing tapes is correspondingly high. As a specialist in bonding technology, we at AMZ have now adopted the following product in order to offer our customers a packing band at an attractive price and of a quality of which we, as a specialist supplier of surface bonding technology, are fully convinced.

Gripping tapes at exciting prices!

In this article we would like to introduce our PP film packing tapes. The choice of polypropylene as the carrier material for the first release of our packaging tape series was quickly made, as PP tapes are the ideal all-purpose packaging tapes. Thus, the carrier material has very good resilience and is not very sensitive to environmental influences. Of course, PVC packaging tapes perform better at lower temperatures, for example, and paper tapes score with better environmental compatibility, but PP tape is still the standard in many logistics departments.

The comparatively low price – which is an important factor for an item with such a high turnover as a packing tape – and, of course, the performance of the tape and its manageability speak in favor of this. For example, the tapes fit all conventional hand dispensers, adhere easily to most surfaces thanks to the acrylic adhesive used, and store well.

What makes the tapes special?

Apart from the general advantages offered by PP package tapes, the AMZ tapes are impressive on the one hand because they unwind quietly, which is not standard in this price range. Furthermore, in addition to the common carrier thickness of 28mµ, which the tape 211301 offers, we also have the packing tape 211302 in our program. With a carrier thickness of 32mµ, this is suitable for all applications in which the package tape is exposed to high loads and subjected to particular stresses. Of course, both tapes are available in the common colors transparent and brown.


Of course, practical experience is worth much more than written text. See for yourself and order AMZ packaging tapes today!


AMZ packing tape 211301 AMZ packing tape 211302

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