3M™ DP100FR – fast processing & flame retardant properties.

The 3M™ DP, or Dual Part, family offers a wide selection of two-component adhesives, each finely tuned to a wide variety of applications. This also applies to the DP100FR, which we would like to introduce in this article. After all, this special epoxy resin-based adhesive not only offers high shear strength and easily withstands static loads, but also features a number of special features.

When things get hot: 3M™ DP100FR

Probably the most important feature of the DP100FR is its flame retardant properties. As evidenced by the UL 94 V O and FAR 25.853 certificates (vertical fire test 60 seconds), this 2-component adhesive can be used wherever high temperatures or even flame formation may occur. This, combined with the possibility of using the adhesive also for metals, ceramics, concrete and glass due to its high adhesive strength, makes DP100FR particularly interesting for metal working and processing, as well as for the electrical and construction industries.

However, plastics such as ABS and PC, fiber composites and wood can also be bonded easily with this epoxy adhesive. While these materials tend to benefit less from the flame-retardant properties of DP100FR due to their own temperature sensitivity, the short processing window and the resulting fast hand strength of the adhesive are particularly important here.

With a processing time of 6 minutes at room temperature and a subsequent hand strength after only 15 minutes, this 2-component adhesive is ideal for creating fast bonds that subsequently need to be processed quickly. This is also helped by the clean and precise way of application with the exact mixing nozzle and the fine hand applicator, both also available from 3M™.


3M™ Scotch-Weld Adhesive DP100FR


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