3M™ Dual Lock Pressure Locks SJ3550CF: The next level of re-releasable, strong connection.

As an alternative way of joining two elements, adhesive bonding has long ceased to be an insider tip. Particularly from the house of 3M™, products such as the adhesive tapes from the ever-growing VHB™ series, or the two-component adhesives from the DP series, allow even the highest demands on a joint to be realized. However, one requirement is always difficult to realize in the field of adhesives: Redetachability!

This is where the products from the Dual Lock family have been coming in for some time. These are – to put it simply – a type of Velcro tape, which, however, can also withstand high demands from the industry. This is also the case with the latest addition to the Dual Lock family called SJ3550CF.

This material features a unique composition of a transparent acrylic tape that adheres to a variety of substrates including metals, glass and plastics such as acrylic, polycarbonate and ABS, the pressure sensitive tape that is heat, chemical and UV resistant and the strong fastener that has exceptional strength. Thus, the tape is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use.


What’s more, with its black interlocking mushroom-shaped heads (40 steel density per cm²), the tape provides a strong, reliable and durable fastening that can be opened and closed multiple times and offers a smooth, aesthetic appearance due to its concealed closure and snug fit.

Even if your own application already uses a product from the Dual Lock family, the new SJ3550CF can boast compatibility, as it can be easily combined with Stieldichten 26, Type 40 or Type 62. This function can also be used to allow different strength combinations, which makes the belt even more flexible in application.

In principle, the 3M™ Dual Lock pressure locks SJ3550CF can be used, for example, for access panels, the attachment of graphics or even the interior finishing of special vehicles, to name just a few of the many applications of this special composite material. Now also available in our store:


3M™ Dual Lock SJ3550CF

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