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As a system supplier focused on our customers’ requirements, we are always looking for ways to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience – both online and offline. In addition to the launch of our new online store and the opening of our showroom last year, our Ebay store is also part of our constantly growing range of options for quick and easy access to our wide range of products.

Why Ebay?

Of course, having your own online store, at first glance, it is not necessary to be represented on Ebay. But the fact is that especially craft and manufacturing companies without a designated purchasing department benefit from trading platforms such as Ebay, as they offer the possibility to purchase items from a wide range of categories without having to change platforms. Also, that only the creation of a single profile is necessary and various payment methods secured by Ebay are available is an advantage for some companies, which we of course recognize and would like to offer as well.

As a result, we as AMZ can indirectly offer customers the all-in-one experience even if we do not have certain special products in our range and these are purchased through our competitors. Keyword competitors: the Ebay store is also a quick and easy way to compare prices, which will also show many interested parties and customers that we can compete not only in terms of quality but also price.

Usual quality and reduced individual items

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, our offer on Ebay not only covers the items known from our online store, but also holds some price-reduced individual pieces for you. These can be returns from sampling, individual pieces from past collections or similar items. Of course, these items are also checked by us, so you do not have to make any compromises in quality and performance.

Otherwise, you will find the usual product range of work protection from head to toe, adhesive tapes, adhesives, various products from the field of building services, abrasives, packaging materials, films and much more in our Ebay store. But discover our diverse selection best simply yourself:


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