Everything in the grip! – Gloves for all purposes

Our second part of the series gloves for all purposes has the motto: Everything in grip! After all, gloves are often about having a firm grip on everything. Accordingly, in this article we would like to introduce three representatives from the ranks of handwear, specially designed to handle wet, slippery or otherwise difficult to grip surfaces without problems.



LeiKaFlex glove 1469

The LeiKaFlex glove with the product number 1469 makes the start. A nylon elastane fine knit glove that combines a high level of grip with a comfortable feel and outstanding flexibility with its black sanded nitrile coating. This sure-grip all-rounder is rounded off with EN 388:2016 ( and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, making the glove suitable for professional use without compromise.


Solidstar Gripster Nitrile Disposable Protective Gloves 1399

A distinctly different approach is taken by the Solidstar Gripster nitrile disposable protective gloves 1399. This is a disposable glove, which despite its short life has a high material quality, as well as an outstanding grip. If you know these gloves otherwise only as simple overcoats made of thin plastic, the Gripster 1399 is made of high-quality nitrile with a specially developed surface structure that always provides excellent grip even on the most difficult surfaces. Of course, the glove is EN 374-1:2016:TYPE B-JKTP and EN 374-5:2016 certified to protect not only against moisture, but also against bacteria, fungi and viruses.



Dayton Stronghand Glove 0830

The conclusion of our three presented gloves make the Dayton Stronghand Gloves 0830. Similar to the LeiKaFlex 1469 presented above, the 0830 is also a fine knit glove and accordingly offers just as good a fit, high wearing comfort and is even more cut and tear resistant due to its heavier material. Of course, in keeping with the theme of this article, the Dayton also delivers outstanding grip. This glove is of course also certified according to EN ISO 13997, Level D and is therefore also ideally suited for professional use.





Of course, as always, this article is only a small outline of our wide range of products. We are also happy to offer many other articles from the areas of occupational safety, adhesives, grinding centers and many more on request. By phone at 06106 / 779600 or by mail to info@amz-group.de our team will be happy to assist you at any time.


LeiKaFlex 1469 Gripster 1399 Dayton 0830



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