Introducing: Better Packages 222 Curby Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic in all areas of our daily lives. For companies that ship their goods in packages, the focus will inevitably fall on the packaging tapes used sooner or later. Although there have long been paper self-adhesive tapes that are at least no longer made of the plastics PP and PVC, the adhesive used is in most cases a chemical product. If one goes further in this sector towards more sustainable adhesives, the catch often lies in the adhesive strength of these tapes, which may not develop the desired adhesive strength on all cardboard.

Gummed paper tapes take a different approach here. These consist of a paper backing and a pure potato starch layer. This is activated with the aid of conventional tap water and, after a short drying time, creates an almost indissoluble bond with the bonded cardboard. Thus, this solution is not only ecologically valuable, but also provides ideal security for your packages. However, since these tapes must be activated with water, a conventional hand dispenser cannot be used here. But even here there are small handy solutions, one of which we would like to introduce to you in more detail below:

Bonding made easy with the Better Packages 222 Curby Mini-Taper

The 222 Curby gummed paper tape dispenser from Better Packages is the smallest, lightest and also most affordable entry into the world of gummed paper tape dispensers from the American packaging specialist. Of course, this may still seem much more expensive compared to hand dispensers. However, considering the significantly lower prices of gummed paper tape rolls, calculated per meter, as well as the fact that such a dispenser has a much longer life cycle than a conventional hand dispenser.

An indication of this might also be the simple and robust design of the Curby: three deflection rollers, a simple feed and discharge mechanism, a knife for dividing the belt length, and the water container with brush that moistens the belt – all designed to withstand daily use over a long period of time. And, that the use of the dispenser is just as easy we show in our following 4-step instructions:

Step 1: Remove cover

First open the lid of the dispenser by lifting the lid at the rear end at the mark and then loosen the sides to be able to lift off the lid.

Step 2: Insert roll

Now fold up the rear deflection roller and place the tape roll, which has previously been unrolled slightly, in the recess provided for this purpose in the rear part of the dispenser. The unrolled part of the tape should be held in the hand and guided upwards over the rear end of the dispenser. Now the rear deflection pulley can be lowered again. Then the tape must be guided over the second overhead roller in the center of the machine to the third roller, which leads to the output. Finally, the tape only needs to be clamped under this third roller. Now you can use the dispensing lever to thread the tape through the dispenser and use the blade to cut off the protruding tape.

Step 3: Fill water tank

The water tank is located under the belt outlet. This can be output by applying light pressure. Then the lid of the tank must be opened to be able to fill it with water. After filling, the next step is to close the lid again. Now just replace the container in its recess and the device is ready for use.

Step 4: Glue!

Now the tape can be dispensed as required with the aid of the small lever using the scale underneath and cut to size with the aid of the large lever. Already you have a tape that can be applied to your box and seal it ideally.

Accompanying the above description and illustration, we have also recorded a short video showing the process in motion once again. For all friends of such informative videos we would like to point out at this point to subscribe to our Youtube channel, on which we will upload in the future again and again accompanying videos to our products:


Enter the world of gummed paper tapes today!

Of course, both the Better Packages 222 Curby gummed paper tape dispenser and the accompanying gummed paper tape (ATTENTION! Please use only this roll for this dispenser) in our online store. Simply click on the buttons below and take your packaging to the next level today – ecologically, aesthetically and safely!


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