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Originally founded in California more than 40 years ago, Moldex has established itself over the years as one of the world’s most recognized manufacturers of hearing protection, respiratory protection and eye protection. The company stands out especially for the remarkable quality and durability of its products. This is the result of the interaction of a high level of expertise, reliable manufacturing in Europe, as well as a careful selection of materials.

For these reasons, we would like to introduce you to Moldex ‘s innovative product range in more detail in this article and provide you with a quick and easy overview of the various product categories:

Hearing protection: from the plug to the capsule

Just 6 years after its foundation, Moldex begins to expand its product range and now produces PVC-free earplugs in addition to respirators. To this day, these offer an optimal balance of softness and stability. Meanwhile, the manufacturer’s range also includes earmuffs. Depending on the design, these are either to be worn via a bracket or can be mounted directly on common safety helmets.



However, the various plugs still stand out in particular today. In particular, the patented WaveBand hearing protector stands out with its innovative design, which was also nominated for the coveted German Design Award in 2009. The hearing protection plugs called Twisters® also clearly belong to the highlights of the Moldex hearing protection range. Here, excellent hearing protection is combined with high wearing comfort, a practical size and handles that make putting on and taking off the plugs an easy game, even in hectic work environments.

Respiratory protection: fabric, half and full face masks for all requirements


Everything started with the Californians with the production of dust masks. But only a few years later, with the expansion to Europe, the FFP mask was added, which was jointly equipped with an exhalation valve in close cooperation with the mining industry. A supposedly small improvement that has made it to the standard of professional FFP masks today. Also standard for Moldex masks from the very beginning is a high level of user-friendliness and reliability.


But Moldex is also one of the top addresses in the exchange filter mask sector. Already since 1994 die 8000 series to the range and has been continuously developed since then. Over the years, the range has been expanded to include the 7000 series – a lightweight half mask – and the 9000 series – the corresponding full-face mask. They all share Moldex‘s interchangeable filter range, which allows the masks to protect against most gases and particles. Combinations are also possible without further ado. A special feature of the filters is the in-house EasyLock system, which makes changing the filters a breeze.


To make the range of masks complete, the innovative masks of the CompactMask series must not be missing. These sit right between the 1000 interchangeable mask series and the FFP mask program. Thus, the masks are handy, very light and allow multiple use despite fixed filters. So if you need a fixed protection class and do not have the mask in continuous use, the CompactMask is an excellent choice.


Moldex Adapt: Eye protection thought through further


Brand new in the Moldex range are the Adapt safety goggles. These high-tech safety glasses are perfectly matched to the wearing of protective masks and can therefore be combined without any problems. Whether fabric or half mask – the award-winning design of the discs almost merges with the masks. The extra protection is provided by the flexible sealing lip, which ensures a seamless transition. Of course, the protective goggles of the Adapt series are also anti-fog and anti-scratch coated.

Better protected with Moldex

In summary, it can be said that in the categories of respiratory protection, hearing protection and eye protection, there is hardly any way around the protection specialist Moldex. And should innovative technologies, long durability and high comfort not be sufficient arguments, some factors from the field of sustainability also speak quite clearly for Moldex. Thus, the articles are manufactured exclusively at European locations, which leads to short delivery routes and guarantees compliance with European standards in manufacturing. Add to that the manufacturer’s choose to reuse program, which identifies reusable items.

Accordingly, it is definitely worth taking a look at the range:


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