Our spring workwear recommendations with Dassy, Payper and Albatros

Spring begins in the middle of March. This is accompanied not only by outdoor recreational activities, but also many industries, such as landscaping, drywall and construction are resuming many projects that were paused due to the weather. Also, temperatures are rising again, so you don’t have to rely on the thickest winter clothing possible. But every for always has its against and so the requirements for the right work clothes change:

Instead of being as warm as possible and impermeable to wind, attention should now be paid to being breathable, flexible and also highly visible and possibly rainproof in order to be able to react to rapidly changing weather conditions. Thus, you are well prepared for any weather conditions and can pursue your own work undisturbed and as comfortably as possible. In order to simplify the selection of all the different workwear items, we at AMZ have again selected a small selection of interesting garments, which we now present in this article in more detail:

Well equipped for spring with the right work clothes!


Dassy Convex Midlayer Jacket

The Dassy Convex is a modern jacket that can be worn perfectly as a middle layer or even as a light jacket on warm days. Its fleece lining in combination with the almost softshell-like outer fabric provide the wearer with a pleasant warmth despite the comparatively light weight of 290 g/m². In addition, there is a long zipper that can be closed up to under the chin to protect the neck from chilling. Dassy typical must of course not be dispensed with practical details such as two zippered pockets, a zippered chest pocket and thumbholes at the ends of the sleeves. Of course, the Dassy Convex is available in both men’s and women’s versions.


Dassy Convex men Dassy Convex ladies


Payper Extreme Waisted Jacket

Should it get a bit more uncomfortable with wind and rain despite the upcoming spring, the Payper Extreme is an excellent companion. Thanks to waterproof softshell outer shell, a full-length sealed SBS-quality zipper and adjustable cuffs with elastic tabs and Velcro closure, you stay dry in this jacket and are well protected even if the wind times. Practical details such as two side pockets, a chest pocket and a pocket on the left arm, each with a zipper complete the Payper Extreme finally. Due to the waisted modern cut, a men’s and a women’s version is offered here.


Payper Extreme Men Payper Extreme Ladies



Payper Hiway 2-in-1 high visibility jacket

Still strongly fluctuating temperatures at the beginning of spring bring fog again and again what makes well visible warning clothing often advisable. The Payper Hiway 2-in-1 high-visibility jacket is a particularly interesting solution for these situations. Featuring 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective stripes, this two-tone super flexible jacket adapts to most weather conditions with its long zipper up under the chin and removable sleeves. The chest pocket, the two front pockets with flap and Velcro closure, the ID pocket and the cell phone pocket complete this extremely practical bag and make it a well-rounded package.


Payper Hiway high visibility jacket



Dassy Storax stretch work pants


As with outerwear, you want to be as flexible as possible on your legs as the temperature rises. For pants, the handle here goes in the direction of stretch and flex. A field in which the Belgian workwear specialist Dassy has brought out some highlights with the new D-FX Flex series. One of these highlights is the Dassy Storax stretch work pants. Here, the greatest possible freedom of movement, robust material and a modern cut come together in an outstanding pair of work trousers. As befits a Dassy pants are also in the Storax again quite a few useful details such as a variety of practical pockets, reflective details and Cordura reinforced thigh pockets for ideal protection.


Dassy Storax


Payper Next 4W Pirate 3/4 Pants

As the year approaches summer, especially when working outside, the sleeves quickly become shorter to provide the necessary ventilation as temperatures rise. With pants, this is often more difficult, because a wide variety of reasons can require covered knees. The Italian workwear specialist Payper has for this requirement the Payper Next 4W Pirate 3/4 pants in the program. A 4-way stretch 3/4 length pant with open top knee pad pockets. In addition to a number of extremely practical bags tailored to a wide range of applications, Payper ‘s Next range also features eye-catching visual accents such as details in neon colors and reflectors. For an ideal quality are side seams and cross seams, which give the pants the necessary stability despite comfortable stretch.


Payper Next 4W 3/4 Pants



Albatros AER55 Impulse Black Low S1P

Once on the feet, the requirement is quite clear: spring calls for a comfortable, lightweight shoe that combines excellent ergonomics with a closed shoe. In the field of work shoes, hardly any model fulfills this goal better than the AER55 from Albatros. This, with various awards awarded, safety shoe class S1P combines all safety standards such as puncture protection, a reinforced toe cap and ESD with features as known from the most modern sports shoes. The 55% energy recovery during running, which is already indicated in the name, and the double foamed IMPULSE.FOAM alone provide a running feeling like a modern sneaker. Of course, the look of the shoe is also in no way inferior to the performance.


Albatros AER55 S1P low shoe

LeikaFlex Brilliant 1470

Another important clothing item from the field of workwear are work gloves. Not least because hand protection is extremely individual in terms of requirements and applications, which is why we also highlight gloves time and again in our blog posts. Thus, a corresponding recommendation must not be missing at this point. This time we would like to take a look at the LeikaFlex Brilliant 1470. A glove that not only impresses with its typical LeikaFlex wearing comfort but is also significantly more durable with its NFT® coating (=New Foam Technology) and can be used with touch surfaces without any problems. This makes the glove a real asset, especially in the logistics sector.


LeikaFlex Brilliant 1470


Flexible workwear for every application and budget

Of course, the manufacturers here offer an even wider range of which many articles are also ideally suited for the advanced beginning of the year. With this article we would like to give you just a few highlights. You can find a larger selection in our online store. So do not hesitate and discover the right workwear for your field. And should the right equipment not be available, we as a system supplier with many years of experience will of course be happy to help you find the right equipment for you at any time. Just write us an e-mail or contact us by phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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