Payper and better cotton – for a more sustainable future!

Sustainability and the associated environmental and climate protection are becoming an increasingly important aspect in all areas of life. The textile industry is a particular focus of attention, as it is a recurring topic of environmental debate due to both the production and recyclability of its products. The Italian workwear supplier Payper is also aware of this fact. This awareness has now led to Payper taking a big step towards sustainability and becoming a proud member of Better Cotton.

Better Cotton is a global non-profit organization dedicated to growing cotton more sustainably. This includes environmentally friendly and biodiversity-creating cultivation methods as well as the creation of prosperity for the cotton communities. To achieve this, Better Cotton uses the contributions of its members, who thus help to make cotton cultivation more sustainable.

Effective principles for a better future!


1. Plant protection: replacing the use of pesticides with alternative techniques.

2. Use of water in a sustainable way

3. Care for soil health, because a healthy soil leads to larger and higher quality harvests.

4. Preservation and improvement of biological diversity

5. Adopting the best practices for harvesting, storing and transporting cotton fibers

6. Decent working conditions

7. Effective management system through the use of integrated policies and procedures.


With these principles, the Better Cotton initiative has set itself the goal of reducing the use of chemicals in order to minimize the associated impact on the environment. The result is not only a higher quality and healthy cotton but above all an improvement in living conditions for the cotton farmers.

It is precisely these improvements that Payper would also like to benefit from step by step in the future and thus become part of a transparent, high-quality and more sustainable supply chain, from which we at AMZ as a partner and also you as a customer can only benefit. Thus, Better Cotton stands not only for sustainability but also for a constant improvement in cotton quality, which means more reliable and durable clothing for the wearer.

Visible successes already today

Of course, Payper is not just starting to think about the future now. On the contrary – already today the major series Sunset, Sunrise, Venice, Skipper, Florence and Verona are made with Better Cotton. In the following year, all T-shirts, sweatshirts and pants are to follow in order to completely replace all cotton in these areas with Better Cotton by the end of 2023.

But best convince yourself and benefit from constantly evolving workwear. You can also find Payper’s comprehensive program in our online store. Click on the link now and discover Payper workwear:


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