Perfectly covered with crepe – 3M™ 101E & 301E

Like hardly any other adhesive tapes, masking tapes accompany us unobtrusively in everyday life. Thereby, when painting as a cover or to temporarily label a surface are only two of many possible uses. This versatility makes a reliable material all the more valuable.

This is where the 101E and 301E masking tapes from adhesive specialist 3M™ come into play. These combine – as you would expect from 3M™ – outstanding material quality with excellent adhesive performance. Whether it’s the 101E, designed primarily for home use, or the 301E, specialized for industrial applications. Both tapes excel in their areas of application and easily leave most competitors behind.

3M™ Masking Tape 101E

  • Very good immediate adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces
  • For bonding light materials
  • Total thickness 0.12 mm
  • Designed for indoor use



3M™ Industrial Masking Tape 301E

  • Good holding force that prevents detachment or bulging
  • Good solvent and moisture resistance
  • The creped paper backing is conformable and allows for good cornering ability
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Total thickness 0.150mm






Such versatility naturally also means that the tapes must be available in different widths – and here, too, 3M™ can be relied upon! From the narrow 18mm, to the fairly standard 48mm, to the 1610mm width, both tapes are available. Of course, this is only a small excerpt of the available dimensions of the tapes and if a special size is needed, we at AMZ also offer the possibility to customize the crepe tape.


Masking tape 101E Masking tape 301E


As always, we are always happy to help with advice and action to implement even unusual applications or special requests. Whether by e-mail to or by telephone on 06106 / 77960-0 – as a system supplier, we offer customer-oriented advice and wide-ranging expertise in the fields of adhesive bonding technology, occupational safety and many more. A rough overview of our range can also be found in our ever-growing online store.

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