The Coroplast SPS series – Next Generation construction waterproofing!

Proper sealing during construction is indispensable. Wherever different materials and components are installed next to or on top of each other, the question of the right seal arises. After all, neither when building a house, nor when building a caravan, or even when building a boat, you don’t want moisture to get in. Shielding from temperatures is also always an issue that wants to be considered when sealing.

In the past, all these problems and tasks were often solved with adhesives or sealants such as silicone. These could score with enormous customizability, but have pitfalls in processing. In particular, contamination from excess material and the sometimes long curing phase can complicate and slow down the construction process. For a long time, sealing tapes were only a limited alternative, as they are easier to process but often not as flexible as their liquid counterparts. But the sealing tape specialist Coroplast has addressed precisely this problem and offers a real problem solver with its new SPS series.

Sealing tapes as flexible as sealing adhesives

With the Coroplast SPS (Superior Performance Sealing) series, you now have the choice of no less than three practical combinations of sensible carrier materials and the proven high-performance sealing compound SPS. This adheres without setting time and yet is highly elastic, malleable and, thanks to the transparent coloration, also discreet and versatile. Added to this is the high media and temperature resistance known from high-performance adhesive tapes. Overall, all adhesive tapes of the series impress summarized with the following key points:


  • Acrylic compound with good aging resistance
  • High flexibility and optimum sealing effect
  • Extremely high adhesive strength and sealing effect on a wide range of smooth and rough substrates
  • UV and weather resistant
  • High aging resistance
  • cold-resistant
  • no bleeding and no cold flow of the adhesive

Coroplast 1720 SPS / 1721 SPS

As already mentioned at the beginning, however, there are also differences in the various base materials of the tapes. For example, the Coroplast 1720 SPS and the 1721 SPS are equipped with a UV-stable PP film. This compound is particularly suitable for sealing against moisture. Thanks to the UV stability, it can also be mounted outside without any concerns. Among other things, the tape was developed with caravan construction in mind, which is further reinforced by the particularly good adhesion to materials such as wood, OSB, PE and also XPS.


Coroplast 1655 SPS / 1665 SPS

Another product in the range that should provide enormous relief in caravan construction is the Coroplast 1655 SPS and the 1665 SPS. These tapes offer an ideal sealing material at temperature critical points due to their thermo resistant carrier made of special thermoplastic aluminum. In addition to caravan construction, for example, the construction of carports or gazebos or garden huts, but of course also house construction is an excellent field of application for the tapes. Especially the good adhesion to roofing felt, aluminum, PE but also fleece ensure a smooth application in roof construction.

Coroplast 1855 SPS

A somewhat different field of application is opened up by the Coroplast 1855 SPS. This tape is equipped with a special PET/PA non-woven film that can be plastered over as a backing material and can therefore be ideally used as an intermediate layer. Especially in places where plastering or painting is to be done after the waterproofing is completed, the use of this tape is recommended. The excellent adhesive strength on plaster, concrete, limestone and PIR makes the tape a real relief in house construction – inside as well as outside!


So no matter what your application, the Coroplast SPS series is convenient to work with and versatile. This means that all construction and design sectors benefit equally from this innovative product in surface joining technology. But even if you are looking for another Coroplast product or would like general advice in the field of adhesive technology, we are happy to help. Simply email us at or reach us by phone at 06106-779600. We look forward to hearing from you!

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