Workwear and more for forwarding agencies and logistics

In an increasingly interconnected and fast-moving world, a well-developed network of logistics and thus also of freight forwarders is becoming more and more important. Whether by sea, land or air, many goods are ordered, shipped, stored and sold around the world every second. For this, more and more people are needed to keep these movements of goods running. Since this work can be extremely taxing on both people and equipment at many points, in this post we’ve primarily compiled clothing that walks the tightrope between reliability and attractive prices. Thus, on the one hand, the wearers can rely on the clothing and, at the same time, it is economically feasible to renew the clothing in appropriate sections.


For outerwear we have selected T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts for you, which in our opinion provide a solid basis for outerwear and above all offer a wide range of colors and finishing options to make your company’s workwear uniform and in line with your corporate identity. Also, the short-sleeved garments are each available in a women’s and a men’s version.


Payper Venice Polo Shirt

Polo shirt, short-sleeved, with 3 tone-on-tone buttons with mother-of-pearl effect, fine rib collar and sleeve edge, side vents, neck tape in contrasting color, stretch seams, side reinforcement tape.


Payper Venice Polo Shirt



Payper Sunrise T-Shirt

T-shirt with crew neck, short sleeves, fine rib collar 1.5 cm of spandex blend fabric with cap seam on the front, reinforcing tape in contrasting color from shoulder to shoulder visible in the collar, stretch seams, side seam.


Payper Sunrise T-Shirt




Payper New Orleans Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt, round neck, ball sleeves, elastic fine rib at sleeves and waist, reinforced seams.


Payper New Orleans Sweatshirt




In the jackets section, as with the outerwear, you will find three models for different purposes. First, you’ll find a fleece jacket that can be worn as a mid-layer on cold days and as a jacket to layer over on milder days. Further in our selection you will find a softshell jacket. This jacket provides ideal protection against wind and weather thanks to its weather-resistant surface and sealed zippers, but is still lightweight and flexible enough to stay out of the way when working. As the last part we have picked out a high-visibility jacket, which is similar to the previously mentioned softshell jacket in terms of weather resistance, but still offers the additional high-visibility features such as fluorescent colors and reflective stripes.


Payper Norway Fleece Jacket

Fleece jacket with full-length black 8 mm synthetic zipper, raglan sleeves, adjustable drawstring waist, elastic cuffs, two pockets with concealed zipper, one front pocket with zipper, collar with reinforced edge in contrasting color, reinforced seams.


Payper Norway Fleece Jacket



Payper Dublin Softshell Jacket

LWP 8000 mm H₂O, MVP 3000 g/m² 24h. Waisted jacket, full-length sealed zipper, adjustable elastic cuff with Velcro closure, 2 outside pockets with zipper.


Payper Dublin Softshell Jacket


Payper Shine 2.0 high visibility jacket

LWP 8000 mm H₂O, MVP 5000 g/m² 24h. Men’s tailored two-tone high visibility jacket with 3M stripes and raglan sleeves, pre-shaped hood with two seams and drawcord, long sealed SBS zipper, adjustable cuffs with Velcro closure, two zippered side pockets, one chest pocket, detachable and closable ID pocket and one pocket on the left arm.


Payper Shine 2.0 high visibility jacket


High visibility vests

Next to the category jackets are high-visibility vests. A piece of clothing that is indispensable in the fields of forwarding and logistics, as it can be used quickly and flexibly to provide the necessary visibility to the workers. This is where two new models from the Italian workwear specialist Payper come into their own. Thanks to their newly developed mesh material, they guarantee ideal breathability and can therefore be used seasonally and regardless of the weather.


Payper Extra Mesh High Visibility Vest

High visibility vest made of breathable mesh fabric in the upper part and Dry-Tech fabric in the lower part, with horizontal retroreflective stripes on the shoulder, chest and waist and two vertical retroreflective stripes. SBS zipper with two-tone tape. Firmly sewn ID pocket on the left chest with the vest on. Multi-function loop, pocket with pen holder with Velcro closure and ring on the right side of the chest when the vest is on. Two external bellows pockets with Velcro closure on the top and side opening.


Payper Extra Mesh High Visibility Vest


Payper Ace Mesh High Visibility Vest

High visibility vest made of breathable mesh fabric in the upper part and Dry-Tech fabric in the lower part, with retroreflective stripes on the shoulder and body. SBS zipper with two-tone tape. Dry-tech fabric tape for personalization and permanently sewn ID pocket on the left side of the chest when the vest is on. Multifunction loop on the right side of the chest with the vest on.


Payper Ace Mesh Waistcoat



As for undergarments, we’ve picked out the Worker Reflex, a year-round unisex work pant with reflective stripes that offers an excellent overall package. However, if the temperatures should scratch the border of the bearable and the workplace allow it, we have picked out another short, extremely flexible variant, which provides cooling even if it should be hot outside.


Payper Worker Reflex

Unisex pants that can be worn all year round, class 1 reflective stripes, side stretch waistband and belt loops, plastic fly with zipper and button, 2 classic cut front pockets, 1 side pocket with lock system, 1 ruler pocket, 1 open back pocket and 1 with flap and Velcro closure, inserts and seams in contrasting color, reflective stripes on back pocket, triple stitching.


Payper Worker Reflex Unisex Pants



Payper Next 4W Shorts

Unisex bermuda shorts, 4-way stretch, side elastic and belt loops, zipper fly, personalized button. On the front 2 rounded pockets, 1 coin pocket on the right side and 1 zippered security pocket on the left side. On the front of the left leg there are 3 pockets: 1 horizontal pocket with zipper, 1 pocket with shaped flap, Velcro closure and ID pocket, 1 small vertical pocket with zipper. Reflective stripe on the front of the right leg. Back: 1 pocket with flap and Velcro closure and 1 pocket without flap but with 2 reflective stripes, 1 hammer loop (right leg), 1 open folding rule pocket (right leg) and 1 cell phone pocket with flap and Velcro closure (right leg). Also, side seams and cross seams for reinforcement in various places in contrasting color.


Payper Next 4W Shorts


When it comes to shoes, we fully rely on the German family-owned company uvex, as many years of experience have shown time and time again that comfort and quality always know how to convince. Whether sandal, low shoe, boot, whether S1, S2 or S3 – uvex shoes are comfortable and reliable companions for every working day.


uvex 2 trend 6906 S1P sandal

  • Sandal with Velcro closure
  • Standard EN ISO 20345:2011 S1 P SRC
  • ESD leakage resistance < 35 Megaohm
  • metal free toe cap


uvex 2 trend sandal 6906


uvex 2 trend 6908 S1P low shoe

  • Low shoe with BOA quick release
  • Standard: EN ISO 20345:2011 S1 P SRC
  • ESD leakage resistance < 35 Megaohm
  • metal free toe cap


uvex 2 trend low shoe 6908

uvex 2 6509 S3 boots

  • Boots with polyurethane overcap to protect the upper leather
  • Standard EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC
  • ESD leakage resistance < 35 Megaohm
  • metal free toe cap


uvex 2 lace up boots 6509


Gloves and associated hand protection are also essential everyday companions for work in the warehouse, at transshipment points or even for freight carriers. The focus of our selection of gloves is a good balance of breathable materials and, protection and tactile sensation. Both are offered by the Leikaflex 1466 and 1470 gloves, with the latter offering the additional option of working with touch surfaces.


LeikaFlex 1466

  • Fine knit glove with nitrile
  • Breathable coating
  • excellent sense of touch and mobility
  • Very well suited for precision work


LeikaFlex fine knit glove 1466

LeikaFlex 1470

  • Fine knit glove with touch
  • breathable NFT® coating
  • excellent operation of devices with touch screen!
  • NFT (New Foam Technology) – approx. 25,000 abrasion cycles


LeikaFlex Touch fine knit glove 1470

Load securing

The final product is an entire product category: load securing! These include lashing straps, lifting belts, round slings and many other aids that protect the goods from slipping and damage and thus protect not only the goods but also the people loading them and the means of transport. You can find a selection of article surveillance in our online store. However, since the field is very diverse and wide-ranging, we will of course be happy to help you at any time.

Of course, the latter statement does not only refer to load securing. Our articles and our online store represent a, although constantly growing, but incomplete overview of our assortment. Therefore, we are of course happy to hear from you at any time either by e-mail to and also by telephone on 06106 / 779600.

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