Gummed paper tapes – sustainable, safe, professional!

Having already presented an introduction to the world of gummed paper tapes in our last post, in this one we take a closer look at the different varieties of tapes and tape dispensers. After all, the diverse requirements of logistics companies cannot be served with just a belt and a manual dispenser. Depending on the requirements, different thicknesses, widths and also processing methods are required here.

Gummed paper tapes for all requirements!

In the case of gummed paper tapes, a distinction is made on the one hand according to grammage, which is specified in grams per square meter, and on the other hand according to various thread reinforcements. These range from simple longitudinal, to sinusoidal, to cross reinforcements. Gummed paper tapes also differ from conventional self-adhesive tapes in terms of common widths. While the standard width for the latter is often 50 millimeters, wet adhesive tapes are 60 or even 70 millimeters wide. This wider dimension, combined with the higher tack of the starch adhesive, favors the use of only two adhesive strips on the top and bottom of packages to ensure a seal ready for shipment. In summary, this means that less tape is needed to seal your packages.


However, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your packages at all, as the bond between the tape and the carton is much higher with gummed paper tapes than with self-adhesive tapes. Furthermore, a package sealed with gummed paper tape conveys a professional, aesthetically pleasing impression, which the sizes in the mail order business also like to make use of in order to leave the best possible impression on the customer as soon as the package arrives. This harmonious overall picture can be rounded off even further by printing according to customer requirements. It doesn’t matter if you want to print on the entire surface of the tape in a color other than the basic colors brown and white or just a logo or lettering on the tape – there are no limits to the design.


Fast and easy to handle

As already mentioned at the beginning, the bonding of the tapes is as flexible as the tapes themselves. Even though there is no conventional hand dispenser for gummed paper tapes, different alternatives of dispensers are available for every application and shipping volume.


Here, a basic distinction is made between manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic tape dispensers. The first two variants are suitable for companies ranging in size from start-ups to medium-sized enterprises, while the latter device is aimed primarily at companies with high shipping volumes. Here, the possibility of programming the devices for different package sizes and having the tapes output at the push of a button guarantees a much smoother workflow than you are used to with manual dispensers.


Attaching the straps can also be done quickly and cleanly after a short familiarization period. How exactly a gummed paper tape is applied compared to a self-adhesive tape we show in our video:



Adheres quite naturally

The last important point, which is becoming more and more important in our everyday life as well as in the working environment, is clearly the ecological advantage of gummed paper tapes. Paper is always used as the base material, while the bonding is done by a potato starch that, only by adding moisture, develops an adhesive strength that is in no way inferior to its synthetic equivalents. Printing can also be implemented sustainably for the most part and depending on the color.

Of course, we at AMZ also carry a constantly growing selection of gummed paper tapes and their dispensers. And should you not be able to find the right product at first sight, we will be happy to hear from you at any time by phone or e-mail and to find the right product together. However, those who would like to get an overview beforehand will find what they are looking for in our online store in our gummed paper tapes category:


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