Uvex nano-shoe add-in – the add-on against shoe odor!

Almost everyone knows it: whether favorite sneakers, sandals or hiking boots – at the latest towards summer, you often have to fight with unpleasant odors. And this is exactly where the workwear specialist UVEX has something exciting up its sleeve: the nano-shoe add-in shoe spray!


Of course, shoe sprays or shoe deodorants are not a new invention. But the add-in spray not only neutralizes but also disinfects at the same time with the help of chemical nanotechnology – but without nanoparticles. The result is a spray that kills fungi and bacteria, spreads a pleasant smell and uses only approved active ingredients from cosmetics.

The application is also very simple. Only 5 – 10 thrusts need to be inserted into the shoe and after only 15 minutes the shoe is already fully ready for use again. And the best part is that even after the first application, the shoes have lost almost all unpleasant odors.


If you would like to try it out for yourself, you will of course find what you are looking for in our store. Click here for the product:


nano-shoe add-in shoe spray

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